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A Story Never Before Told . . . By the Author of "A Dog's Purpose . . ."

How did dogs evolve from wolves? Tens of thousands of years ago, when humans were fighting an ice age, starvation, and gigantic, ferocious predators, one man befriended a mortal enemy, the wolf—and the course of history was changed forever.

This is a novel about the most important relationship our species has ever had, that between people and canines. Only the author of A Dog’s Purpose could describe this unlikely friendship from both sides: man and wolf.

Early Praise

"A stunning saga of survival, betrayal and, ultimately, love and loyalty in a time before recorded history…The Dog Master grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go. Not since Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth has a tale on an epic scale so engrossed me. This is W. Bruce Cameron's true triumph of imagination and empathy."

-- Samantha Dunn, PEN finalist author

“This is the gripping story of warring tribes in the Paleolithic period, and the way one man and one wolf saved us from extinction during an ice age. Cameron spins a rich, detailed imagining of how a wolf became a dog, the ultimate disruptive technology. The Dog Master is as epic a tale as Game of Thrones... Brilliant!”

--Jillian Lauren, NY Times bestselling author

"W. Bruce Cameron keeps your heart pounding, your mouth laughing, your eyes crying and your brain obsessed with every word he puts on the page. This is a fascinating journey that will change the way you think about dogs -- and your own humanity -- forever."

-- Mandy Stadtmiller, editor at large for xoJane.com

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